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FOXTEL Cable Box   Australia
TV Shows and Movies

N/A Can only be viewed from inside Australia
N/A Cord is required to connect to the TV

Provider Content
Cost Location Content Pros Cons
  Streams movies and TV shows to the PC $8.99 per month with more expensive plans also available Anywhere in the United States Large selection of movies available Works with the Roku and has a competitive price  
Playstation Playstation 3 $300 for the base model Anywhere TV Shows and new movies No subscription required and works on the Playstation portable handheld. Also includes Netflix Service  
100x100 Free Shipping
Set Top Box Required  $79.95 for the base model and $129.99 for high definition version  Anywhere TV Shows and Movies can display Netflix movies. No Annual Fees. Easy to Install Wireless access eliminates need for added cable Subscription is required for premium content with includes Major League Baseball and Netflix movies
Sezmi Digital Video recorder $299 for the box and $19.95 for monthly subscription Anywhere Local Broadcast channels, on demand content and cable channels. Cheaper than traditional cable the box provides cable DVR and internet content. Upfront Costs are High
Sky Sky Box  1 Pound per programme and 15 pounds per month  Anywhere Sky Movies and TV Shows N/A  
Slingbox Sling Box $299 but free with Dish
Network DVR Service
Location Streams content from the TV to the PC Works anywhere in the world Works best with Cable or satellite service
Sony Bravia Internet Video Link Works with most new Sony TVS $199    Displays Amazon VOD     
TiVo Premiere - Free Shipping  Box that streams movies and TV Shows to the TV and also is a Digital Video recorder $149 for the cheapest of 3 models plus monthly fee Location Movies or TV Shows
  TiVo Premiere  
Xbox360 Box $299 for base model plus monthly or lifetime fee Location TV Shows from Netflix and high definition movies N/A N/A
Vudu Box Vudu Set Top Box     Movies on Demand in HD Good quality picture at resolutions at 1080p HD. Also no monthly subscription is required. A large selection of shows are available. Good onscreen interface The best HD content requires download queing. At the moment cant stream media from networked PCs. Rentals limited to a 24 hour viewing period, cant transfer video to portable devices, no built in Wi-Fi. Video library is still not as big as say Netflix or Blockbuster.
Amazon.Com   Several  options content can be shown through the Amazon Unbox software, plus the Roku and the Tivo and also display Amazon content. Some Tvs also display amazon videos including Panasonic's VIERA CAST enabled HDTV. Pay per video or TV shows Only available to US customers TV Shows and Movies HD Videos are available